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Our custom artwork is indistinguishable from the original and is not available through any other channel. The giclée process we use produces the finest reproductions, but we go a step further. Atop the high resolution image, Bishop and Company applies additional color and a proprietary finish. Available in many canvas sizes and depths. You may choose between wood or cotton/linen canvas. We also offer a durable epoxy glossy application that protects and creates a clean, contemporary finish. All artwork is available only in a series of 250 signed copies. After the 250th copy is sold, the piece will be retired and no longer available to order.

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Returns & Delivery

Returns and Exchange Policies

Damaged Items

Claims of damage to product which occurred during shipping must be reported to our office within 48 hours of delivery of product to the delivery address submitted to Bishop & Company either online or via telephone. In the unlikely event of a claim of damage to product which occurred during shipping, client must:

  • Note the evidence of damage to the shipping container on the Bill of Lading (BOL) at the time of delivery, before the driver leaves the delivery premises;
  • Take photographic evidence of the damage; a minimum of five photographs are required to support the claim of damage to the product during shipping. These photographs should be: 1) a clear image of the shipping label; 2) one photograph of the shipping container which includes the entire container with damaged side toward camera (if multiple sides of the shipping container are damaged, each side should be photographed separately); 3) three (3) close up photographs of the damage to show how the damage to the container impacted the integrity of the packaging material surrounding the product indicating the product might not be received in the same condition in which it had been shipped;
  • Contact Bishop & Company within 48 hours. Initial contact by phone preferred in order to respond as quickly as possible to this issue; forward the images of the shipping label and damaged container and (if opened) any damage to the product itself. We will deal with the shipping company. All shipments are insured.
  • Resolution of claims of damage to product during shipping is assured, but is a process. We appreciate your patience and understanding that such events are outside our direct control and we will be working on your behalf to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Depending upon the extent of the damage to the product which occurred during shipping, Bishop & Company may authorize repairs to the product being performed at a location near the delivery address. This option will be considered on a case-by-case basis and is subject to certain criteria being met, such as: geographic location, skill level of the artisan(s) available to affect repair or restoration, and availability of materials to match the quality of the damaged portion of the product. This is not an exhaustive list of the criteria used to make the determination of local repair or restoration of product damaged during shipping. We strive to support the most environmentally-friendly solution to damage to product sustained during shipping, including reduction of transportation exhaust emissions, while maintaining the highest quality artistic standards, but sometimes return to our workshop will be recommended.

In the event repairs or restoration cannot be affected locally at or near the delivery address, Bishop & Company will issue a Return Authorization. After receipt of the damaged product in our workshop, we will replace the product. If a one-of-a-kind embellishment has been destroyed beyond repair or restoration during the original shipment, we will work with you to locate a similar embellishment to meet your design needs.

The Environment and Our Products

Like you, Bishop & Company cares about the environment. Before your product leaves our dock, Bishop & Company personnel inspect the product, the protective packaging and the shipping container to minimize transportation exhaust emissions yet uphold high artistic quality standards. We want you to receive your product in good order the first time. This commitment saves natural resources and fuel.

To this end, we will repeat here the Bishop & Company business model of using reclaimed wood whenever possible to create our products. This means our products will not look “new.” Our products have imperfections and qualities inherent to the use of “old wood” that has had a “previous life.” Throughout the design process we may call your attention to specific marring, dings, dents or other characteristics which will appear on your custom product. These cannot be claimed as damage from shipping. They are intended to be a specific hallmark of a Bishop & Company original product.


  • I understand the product/finish of a Bishop & Company original is not meant to look new and, in fact, it is designed to resemble found objects and architectural antiques. I understand my product will not be “perfect.” I understand Bishop & Company original products are heavily distressed resulting in chipping, flaking, rusting and cracks. I understand these characteristics cannot be claimed as defects or damage to my product which occurred during shipping. I understand the overall dimensions may vary slightly from the website description depending on available materials. I understand it is my responsibility to provide Bishop & Company with the required dimensions if the finished product must fit within a tight space and no variance to these dimensions will fit my design needs. I understand the finish may vary slightly from the website due computer graphic resolution. If a specific finish or color is needed to meet my design needs, I must provide Bishop & Company with a sample of the desired finish or color in the form of a manufacturer’s sample, painted wood, fabric swatch or other physical and/or tangible example.
  • I understand that any claims of damage to my product which occurred during shipping must be noted on the Bill of Lading (BOL) prior to the delivery driver leaving the delivery location. I understand that photographic evidence of alleged damage to my product which occurred during shipping must be taken prior to opening the shipping container from Bishop & Company. I understand that I must contact Bishop & Company, preferably by telephone, within forty-eight (48) hours of receiving delivery of my product to report alleged damage to my product during shipping from the Bishop & Company loading dock to the delivery address submitted either online or via telephone. I understand all shipments are insured and Bishop & Company will deal with the shipper to resolve the damaged product issue. I agree not to deal directly with the shipper on any alleged damaged product issue.
  • I understand that failure to note damage to the shipping container on the Bill of Lading (BOL) at the time of delivery before the delivery driver leaves the delivery location will result in denial of any responsibility to repair, restore or replace my product by Bishop & Company.
  • I understand that damage to my product by the shipper is beyond Bishop & Company’s direct control, but Bishop & Company will pursue correction and resolution to damage to my product by the shipper in a timely manner.
  • I understand that authorization of repair and/or restoration to my product damaged by the shipper at a location near the delivery address is at the sole discretion of Bishop & Company. In some cases, return of the product damaged by the shipper to Bishop & Company’s workshop may be necessary to affect proper repair and/or restoration in keeping with Bishop & Company’s artistic standards, even though this may cause additional damage to the environment in the form of excessive transportation exhaust emissions.
  • I understand that, aside from damage to my product by the shipper, Bishop & Company does not accept returns of its products. I understand all changes to size, color, finish and/or embellishment must occur during the design process. No changes to size, color, finish and/or embellishment will be accepted by Bishop & Company after the final design is signed off on by both parties. I understand that payment of 100% of production and finishing costs must be received before my project moves from the design phase to the production phase. I understand that a shipping invoice will be sent to me when the product has been finished at the Bishop & Company workshop. I understand the shipping invoice must be paid in full before my product will leave the Bishop & Company loading dock.
  • I understand that Bishop & Company does not install its products. I understand that Bishop & Company strongly encourages all clients to hire a professional installer who is familiar with proper anchoring techniques to install my product at the location of my choice. I release Bishop & Company from any liability for any accident or injuries caused by the improper installation of any Bishop & Company product.
  • I understand that Bishop & Company does not provide installation hardware or straps because Bishop & Company does not manufacture said hardware or straps and does not accept responsibility for defective hardware or straps used in the installation of its products.

Please direct any inquiries to the following Email address;
[email protected]

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